The Meter Reader system uses a camera to read all the important information from your console. It is possible to read dials, gages, odometer numbers, bar graphs, color indicators and on/off indicators. You can also measure the brightness of an area and determine how much the brightness has changed over time.

Each console is configured as a number of objects. Each object can be rapidly configured by selecting the type of object, then drawing a box around the desired object on the console. A quick training of the different values the object can have completes the setup for that object.

The system can be configured for many different consoles.  These configurations are stored and can easily be selected for analysis. The position of the console within the field of view is automatically aligned with the template using several fiducial spots within the console. These are symbols or markings that do not change during the analysis.

The system can determine a repeating pattern after seeing two full iterations of the pattern.  It can apply error limits to this pattern and alert you if the pattern changes.

The system is capable of sending and receiving commands over TCP/IP. This would include learning a new pattern, starting a test, retrieving a list of errors, and other useful data. This can be used by your control system to compare the expected results with the actual results.

The system uses a high resolution color video camera with a fiber optic cable for the signals. This prevents any electromagnetic interaction between the video signals and the surroundings.

The system also is capable of recording short video segments.  If an error in a pattern occurs, it can automatically save several images before and after the error so the operator can later review the video to determine if it is a serious error or not.  This eliminates the need for the operator to continuously monitor the system to see errors.

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