This is an automated video metrology system designed for measuring multiple small parts and generating a report that summarizes the pass/fail status of the parts examined. The system was originally designed to inspect small pieces of glass for edge chips and scratches, but can be customized to provide measurements required for various applications. It includes the following features:

  • Fully automated measurements
  • Pass/Fail analysis of defects
  • Option for manual verification of test results
  • Report of analysis results can be printed or saved as a Word document
  • Two screens for clear viewing
  • 10x telecentric zoom lens for accurate full field measurements
  • Resolution down to 0.6 microns per pixel
  • High resolution image at 1300x1024 provides large field of view
  • Calibrated measurements at every zoom step
  • Convenient tools for manual measurement
  • Joystick for manual control
  • Ability to save or print any image
  • Autofocus
  • Autobrightness
  • Autocalibration

You can read more about the system in an article from Test & Measurement World.

Also available is our MiniMet system, a simplified manual version of the automated system. This is designed to be a cost effective video metrology system that is easy to use and provides accurate measurements for under $20,000. This system includes:

  • 7x zoom lens with detents for repeatable positioning
  • Coarse and fine controls for focusing, with focus quality indicator on-screen
  • XY stage for positioning with 70 mm travel in each axis. Other stages can be selected depending on the application.
  • Resolution range depends on lens options selected. Resolution can be less than 1 micron per pixel.
  • Rapid calibration for each position of zoom lens
  • Ability to print or save any image
  • Autobrightness
  • All the manual measurement tools found in the automatic metrology system
  • Customized manual measurement tools can be provided to fit the application

For more information about this system, including pricing, please contact us.

Metrology system

Camera, lens, and XY stage closeup