Cilia MovieThe Sisson-Ammons Video Analysis (SAVA) system is a complete turnkey system for measuring the beat frequency of ciliated cells. A slow-motion example of beating cilia is shown in the animated image to the left.

The SAVA system provides tools for instant measurement of the beat frequency of a sample using live video. Samples can also be recorded for more detailed analysis. SAVA provides the tools for organizing experiments and samples within an experiment. The results of an entire experiment are summarized in a spreadsheet.

The SAVA system includes a high speed video camera and related hardware to get the video from your microscope into your computer. SAVA provides a live high resolution video display of the microscope image, and allows you to instantly measure the beat frequency at any selected point or region of the image. You can control the camera sensitivity and frame rate to optimize the analysis.

The SAVA system also includes tools for setting up experiments, recording video segments of the different samples, whole field analysis, multiple point analysis, multiple users, multiple experiments, export single images, importing video from AVI files, exporting video to AVI files, experiment timer, autosave at intervals, comments with video, multi camera, stream measurements to disk continuously.

To learn more about the system, you can read a paper that describes the system in a web page, or download the paper as a PDF document (279 Kb)

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