New set screw

I did a little research to figure out how to remove a screw that has been secured with Loctite.  The two answers I came up with are (1) heat and (2) drill.

First I tried heat by using my soldering iron on high.  It got the screw pretty hot, but it still wouldn’t budge.  It almost seemed like it moved one time, but I couldn’t repeat the feat.   The socket was pretty well stripped to begin with, so the lack of success did not surprise me.

Next I tried the drill.  I started with a bit the same size as the socket hole and ended up going all the way through the set screw.  Next I went one size larger drill bit.  It looked like the bit got stuck in the hole and started turning the screw, because most of the screw went through the hole and into the middle of the gear.  I pulled it out and tried another set screw, which appears to work fine.  It doesn’t look like I damaged the threads at all.  I put new shim foil in (again) and it looks like everything is fine.  I am going to make sure this shim foil is settled, then I will probably loctite it again.

I am wondering what size thread a standard set screw is.  It may be easier to replace the set screw with an ordinary screw.  I wouldn’t mind a screw head sticking out if it made it easier to adjust the screw.  This is the second set screw socket I have stripped, and the new one is already started.  I think my allen wrench is a little worn around the edges as well, which isn’t helping either.

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