Started coding challenge

The coding challenge has officially started.  All the rules are posted on the NI website here:  Entries have to be submitted by the Sunday before NI Week.

The main challenge is to swing up the pendulum as quickly as possible and move to different points.  Swinging it down is also a bit of a challenge, because if you don’t do anything to stop the swing it will swing for a long, long time.  All the coding for the challenge will use the simulation model I created, but the winning entry will be implemented on the physical system.

I am not going to talk about the challenge much here, but I will be involved in the official discussion on the NI website.  I do encourage anybody that is interested to try the challenge.  You get to play with LabVIEW and the Control Design and Simulation toolkit for free for a few months, and the winner gets a sbRIO evaluation kit, which is just like the sbRIO board I am using to run the pendulum.  All entries that meet the requirements will get a cool prize too.  We haven’t figured out exactly what the prize will be yet, though.

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